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Summer is in full swing, but it doesn’t have to be summer for us to be sure we are eating for sun protection. The UV rays of the sun are always poking through whether we have blue skies or gray. While it may be more difficult to be affected adversely by a sun burn in the winter, we still want to give the body as much protection against those rays as possible. So, how do we eat for sun protection?

Did you know that a sunburn is actually an inflammatory…

After returning from a whirlwind vacation full of indulgences, I always feel the need to incorporate a dietary cleanse to bring my body, mind and spirit back into balance. This process is also ideally practiced 2–4 times a year at the change of the seasons. A quick diet and lifestyle clean up for 3–7 days can make a world of difference in your energy and mental clarity.

The Idea

The idea is to give your digestive system and other organs of elimination a break. The simple relief from breaking down and eliminating toxic components like heavy processed ingredients and alcohols can aid…


How often have you found yourself blaming your non-shrinking waistline on a slow metabolism? Would you be surprised to find out that it’s probably not the culprit keeping you from your ideal weight?

First of all, what is Metabolism?
Metabolism is your body’s method of converting calories, from the food you eat, into energy needed to power all the physiological processes that keep you alive and kicking 24/7. The minimum amount of energy your body needs to keep you going is called Base Metabolic Rate (BMR).

Calories in food — protein, fat and carbohydrates — fuel your BMR. Each of…

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Naturopathic Physician, Primary Care. Special focus on women and pediatric health. Medically trained, Naturally focused.

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